Sarez tours and trekking 2024-2025

Duration: 9 Days Dushanbe Sarez Dushanbe

  • Lake Sarez
  • Lake Sarez
  • Barchidif village bridge- starting point of the trekking
  • Sarez

About Tour

This  tour starts from Dushanbe, Tajikistan. We will  meet you at  Dushanbe airport upon your arrival and transfer  you to hotel. If the flight is early in the morning, you will have a city tour in Dushanbe. If it is in the evening, you will be transferred to your hotel. You can have your dinner  out or in the hotel  restaurant. 
On the second day of the tour, you will be picked up from your hotel in the morning around 8:30 am.  It depend on the size of the group we arrange cars. Mainly, for 7 persons we organize 2 cars. Driving towards Qalai Khum. Lunch we will have in Kulob city in a restaurant. Next day third days will start driving toward Barchidif village, start point of the trekking. This is the last village on the way to the Lake Sarez. Next day, around at 7 o'clock you will start trekking to the Lake Sarez. Your luggages will be carried on donkeys. Trekking on this day is a bit hard and takes 6-8 hours (or more). 
Day 5 and 6 you will spent on trekking around the lake. There is boat also available but we need to rent it. It's cost 50 USD per day (not including gasoline). You can see with boat other part of the Lake Sarez. 
After enjoying and observing the lake, on the 7th day you will return back to Barchidif. Overnight in Barchidif. Next day to Qalai Khum and the day after back to Dushanbe. 

Tour Schedule

  • Day 01: Arrival in Dushanbe

    Arrival in Dushanbe airport. Transfer to the hotel. City tour after breakfast at 9:00 am. Visiting museum, Rudaki Park and Hisor fortress and going to the restaurant with local beer.

  • Day 02: Driving from Kalai Khumb- Khorog

    Drive to Kalai-Khumb via Nurek and Kulob. In 1 hour, we see the most beuatiful lake Nurek. we will go to local market. we will have lunch in Kulob and After 1,5 hours drive you will reach Afghanistan border and will driver along the border and between the high mountain. Over night in Kalai Khumb guesthouse

  • Day 03: Driving to Barchidif

    Journey to Barchidif village -on offroad- the starting point of the trekking. Putting tents or staying in guesthouses in the last village thats calls Barchidif. Up Bartang valley preserved ancient traditions, customs and others. It's one of the marvelous valle in Pamir.

  • Day 04: Trekking to the Lake Sarez

    Trekking to Sarez Lake. Kind donkeyman will carry your luggage and foods. Trekking takes 6-8 hours. You should be fit because we are going up and up when we will reach the distenation and when you look back all the mountain will be beneath of you. Put up your tents and enjoy counting the beautifull stars that seems too close to you that you can almost touch them

  • Day 05: Sightseeing around the Lake Sarez

    You will stay on the dam of Sarez Lake and enjoy the sun rise, incredible of scenery, look at fish that splashing, ridding in boat, climbing up mountains and take fabulous sauna. don't forget fising

  • Day 06: Trekking back-way down to Barchidif

    Back to Barchidif. From the top of beautiful mountain you can feel yourself on the roof of the world and forget about the rest of the world. All the mountain peak will be beneath of you. you will feel yoursef relaxed and going down like you are flying.

  • Day 07: Driving to Khorog

    Stop in Nisur village and listen to the story of apple that give two time in year fruit. Then driving to Khorog. Visiting the local market, museum, Chorbogh park and botanical Garden.

  • Day 08: Driving to Dushanbe

    Back to Dushanbe. Staying in the hotel. Dropping to the airport. You might have a lot of question and I will asnwer to all of your question and telling story, legendy and you will able to take more picture of Afghanistan village and Tajikistan

  • Day 09: Flight

    Dropping to the airport. Flight

What's included

  • Transportation- 4WD Land Cruiser
  • Drivers' food&acc
  • Accommodation
  • Food
  • Guide service
  • Donkey with the owner
  • Fuel for boat
  • Sarez permit
  • Boat renting
  • National Park permit
  • Entrance fees to the museums
  • OVIR registrations
  • GBAO Permits

Price & Departures

Starting price of tour: 884 USD

Price per pax

  1. 11-12 pax: 884 USD
  2. 08-10 pax: 773 USD
  3. 05-07 pax: 864 USD
  4. 02-04 pax: 869 USD
  5. Individual tour: 2293 USD


Departing Finishing Status Booking
June 1, 2023 June 10, 2023 DG + 4 Places Available

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