Terms of car rent without a driver:
- The age of the person renting a car has to be no less than 21 years old 
- He/ she has to provide passport and driving licenses

Use of cars:
- The mileage of the day should not exceed 250 km. In case car rent mileage will exceed this number the supplement will be 0,7USD per km. 
- In case he/she wants to travel abroad, it is necessary to coordinate with the company.  

Delivery of cars for rent:
- Clock free shipping vehicles, including holidays and weekends.

Car Rent rates include:
- Car insurance

Payment is accepted:
- By cash
- By bank transfer      

Payment Terms:
- Making a full payment when getting a car 
- Making a guarantee deposit of 800$ when getting a car for rent and receiving it back when returning the car. 

Deposit can be kept in whole or partly in case of:
- If the tire was torn, or the glass broken - the amount of the damage is kept
- If the car is scratched or dented:
         for less than 400$ - held for only the amount of damage to repair
         for more than 400$ - $ 400 is held, the rest is covered by insurance
- If the car is completely broken, $ 800 is held, and the rest covered by insurance.


ALL cars have Insurance! Price of rent includes: 

  • FREE airport transfers 
  • FREE tour consultation where to drive.
  • FREE map of Tajikistan with advice where to travel. 
  • FREE booking of accommodation along the tour (will not make our commission)
  • FREE 24/7 telephone support (in case if you miss the road, cannot find hotel, etc.)


Additionally, a Power of Attorney is needed to hand over the car. This document costs 80$. Luckily, for several drivers, only 1 power of attorney is needed. Send us your passport copies and we will make it for you in advance. 

Deposit is 400$. If nothing happened with car – it will be give back.
All cars have incurrence – it works for damages more than 400$.


 Terms of car rent with driver:
- The entire amount of the lease payment is made ahead      
- Fees should be paid 1 day before the commencement of the lease
- Cancellation more than 72 hours is carried out without charge
- In case of cancellation less than 72 hours is charged 50% as penalty 

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