Travel to Bartang and Wakhan corridor 2024-2025

Duration: 17 Days Dushanbe Bartang valley & Wakhan corridor Dushanbe

  • The nation dance of Tajikistan. During each holiday the people are dancing
  • It's  the bridge on Bartang river
  • The turn to Bulunkul

About Tour

We will trekking in the most beautiful place and Bartang valley and Wakhan Corridor. 

Important notes
  • Take with you warm clothers

Tour Schedule

  • Day 01 Meeting at airport, transfer to hotel and sighseeing

    Our guide will meet you at the airport and accompany to the hotel. In the morning we will drive 30 km to visit Hissar fortress (VII- XVII centuries). This historical site has fortified areas and citadel. The fortress used to be the residence of the delegate of the Emir of Bukhara; it was located on a high hill and was well defended with 1 m thick walls and loopholes for guns and cannons. Once we are back to Dushanbe, first of all we will visit Rudaki Park, National library, White House, National state seal, House of parliament and, Somoni monument. After it we will stroll in National park to make photos of Ministry of Inner Affairs and the second biggest National Flag in the world – 165 m high pole, 30 m wide, 60 m long. After excursion in Central Museum you will have lunch. Then you will visit to Gurminj Museum of traditional musical instruments. To feel real life you should visit Asian bazaar. It has colorful goods, fruits and vegetables. We will see today the main highlights of Dushanbe and you will find out many interesting facts about Tajik people. Dinner will be in a traditional restaurant where you try Tajik food. Night is in a hotel.

  • Days 02 Dushanbe-Nurek-Kalai Khumb 370 km (7-8 hours drive)

    Today we will drive to Kalai Khum village. You will see Nurek water reservoir that is called Tajik Sea. The highest point of the day is Shurabad pass (2 267 m). We will then drive along Afghanistan border. This part will amaze you by its unique mountains – it is already Territory of Pamir Mountains. Over the centuries, the Pamirs have inspired the world’s greatest explorers – Marco Polo, Hsuan Tsang, Mirza Muhammad Haidar. And now you also have a chance to travel here. You will drive along natural border – Panj River. Having visited the Pamirs, many travellers called this giant mountain system the ocean of white and blue mountains. This night you will spend in a home stay to encounter how local people live here.

  • Days 03 Kalai Khumb-Ems 185 km ( 4.5-5 hours

    In the morning we drive to Rushan. 10 km from Kalai – Khum we will hike up to the ancient Old city of Karon. This old city was built in 3 century and in 2013 was restored. Ruins of the ancient settlement of Karon lie not far away from the village Ruzvai placed on the mountain Zogic at an altitude of 1700m. Zoroastrian sacred river Vanaguh Doytijo bends around the mountain from the east south and west. There is the tower of sacred fire built on a cruciform platform in pre-Islamic architecture style, which dates back to the ancient period of history. Then you will drive to Ems village (Rushan). Overnight and dinner is in a home stay.

  • Days 04 Ems-Bardara 72 km ( 4.5 hours on offroad )

    Today you will drive to Bartang valley stopping in each village making friends, buying some handicraf and getting to start of trekking point Bardara. overnight at guest house

  • Days 05 Bardara-Yelga ( 2900-3600 m)

    In the morning we will meet with the crew and get ready as we fix the luggage on donkeys. Our hiking starts from Bardara towards Bardara valley. The trail is quite easy and some parts of it are stretched along the Bardara river, so you can enjoy freshness and breeze coming from it. Camping is near Yelga where people in the past used to cultivate wheat for their livestock. Overnight in tents (3600 m). Hiking net 4 hours.

  • Days 06 Yelga-below Lazar pass (3600 – 3700 – 4000 m)

    In the morning we start trekking towards the pass along Bardara valley until Gulzor. After a lunch break, we will continue trekking until we reach a camping point just below Shtik Lazar pass (4800m). Overnight in tents (4000 m). Hiking net 4/5 hours

  • Days 07 Below the pass-Zaroj lek-Khabur (4000 – 4800 – 4518 – 4430)ga

    We start early in the morning before sunrise. Our plan is to cross the Shtik Lazar pass and walk about 5 km through the snow. If donkeys struggle to pass the snow the crew will help us to carry the luggage as porters. On the other side of the pass a new crew from Bachor will pick us up and accompany us. We will have a picnic near Kulen Lake. After the picnic, we will go for a short sightseeing trek towards Zaroj (4518 m) which lasts around 2.5 hours. Once we are back to the lake we head to Khaburga and camp there (4430 m). Hiking net 7/8 hours.

  • Days 08 Khaburga-Vikhinch-Chapdara lake (4340 – 4100 – 4200 – 4553 m)

    In the morning we start trekking along Vikhinj valley. On the way, we will see many beautiful lakes and panoramas. We will stop for a lunch break near Uchkul lakes (Three lakes) where you can relax and catch fish. Later we will continue trekking up until Chapdar Lake (4553 m). This is the highest lake in Central Asia. Overnight in tents on a lake shore (4553 m). Hiking net 6 hours.

  • Days 09 Chapdara-Kyrgyzshabar (4553 – 4200 m)

    In the morning we going down along Chapdar valley. According to your wish, you can take another route via Langar pass, so it will be 5km extra. Camping is in Kyrgyz-shabar. 19km – 7-8 hours walk. Overnight in tents at 4200 m.

  • Days 10 Kyrgyzshabar- Langarghor-west (4200 – 3720 m) end of Yashikul

    In the morning we gradually hike down towards Langar gate. The decent is quite easy. Lunch break at Langar gate. We will then cross Chashma river and continue hiking towards Langarghev until we arrive at the West end of Yashilkul lake. Overnight in tents (3720 m). Hiking net 6/7 hours

  • Days 11 West end of Yashikul-Bulunkul (25 km, 1 hour

    The most beautiful lakes of the Pamirs are Yashil Kul and Bulunkul (Blue lakes) stretched on the altitude of 3700 meters above sea level. Today we will spend a relaxing day near them. The color of the water in Bulunkul is a subtle interplay of violet and dark-blue in the sunlight. Species of fish like are found in abundance in the lake. There is the opportunity to see yaks, a unique species of domestic animals, sharing features of cow and sheep, traditionally used as a beast of burden apart from giving milk and meat products. You will drive to visit the hot spring and geyser near the lake of Bulunkul. Dinner and night is in a home stay.

  • Days 12 Bulunkul-Langar (145 km, 5-6 hours)

    In the morning we will drive to Langar. On the way, you will drive over Khargush pass (4 344 m). The almost inaccessible landscape and rocky mountains of this corner of the world have given safe haven to a unique diversity of wildlife. Amongst the most common species of wild mammals are Turkestan rat, tiger-cat, grizzly bear, badger, stoat, fox, gray and red wolves. Pamirs provides a large and thriving population of Marco Polo sheep, the largest sheep in the world, with all year round and a strong population of the highly endangered snow leopard. You will climb up above Langar village to see petroglyphs. Dinner and night is in a home stay.

  • Days 13 Langar-Ishkashim (140 km, 5 hours)

    Drive towards the Wakhan corridor. There are several places of interest to stop. Above the village of Vrang, on a cliff-side pitted with caves, stands a Buddhist complex dating from 4th- 7th centuries. At Yamg, we visit the reconstructed home of Sufi mystic Muabara Kadam , who died in 1910. Near this house there is a stone pillar with a hole in it which he used to calculate a solar calendar. On the road we will visit Kah-Kaa and Yamchun fortresses, further up the hillside are the hot spring at Bibi Fatima: dense and very salty minerals, the water at Bibi Fatima is crystal clear. Overnight and dinner is in guesthouse.

  • Days 14 Ishkashim -Khorog (110 km, 4-4.5 hours)

    Today we will drive along Tajik-Afgan border to Khorog. It is perhaps one of the tiniest cities on the map of the world. It is surrounded by rocky mountains from all four sides. The town was built on the confluence of the 3 rivers where Shokhdara river and Ghund river flow into Panj river. On the way to Khorog you will meet Pamir people. A number of anthropological features set the Pamir people apart from the Tajik people. Among the Pamiris, there is a high percentage of people with blonde hair, fair skin and blue eyes. Pamirs Mountains are the highest mountains in the world with human population after the Himalayas in Tibet. Life in the mountains made traditions of local people different from Tajik people. On the way you will visit Garmchashma hot spring. overnight in Lal hotel

  • Days 15 Khorog-Kalai Khumb (240 km, 7 hours)

    More than half of the road (from Rushan to Kalai Khum) is the same as you had before. This area consists of high rocky mountains over 6 000 meters and only 1 road was possible to be built. Passing through the Pamirs, the tourists have the rare opportunity to not only marvel the beauty of the virgin environment but also know more about the ethnography, history and everyday life of mountain dwellers and with this imagine how the history of humanity evolved as in the story of creation. On the way,we will stop in small villages to communicate with local people and to see their life. Human settlements are located on both sides of the river in narrow mountain valleys. On the other side of the river, you will see Afghan stone villages and gardens. Night is in a home stay.

  • Days 16 Kalai Khumb-Dushanbe (370 km, 7-8 hours)

    In the morning we will drive to Dushanbe via Kulob. The road goes through the most picturesque river valley and amazing gorges in the terrain, where one can stop for rest and shoot photos of the mountain and rivers. On the way you will see small villages and meet local people. Tajiks are by nature hard working, hospitable, and kind-hearted. This nation greatly respects its traditions and folklore. This trip is attractive for the lovers of exotics, those curious about the ethnic and cultural diversity and captivated by the beauty of wild nature. Dinner will be in a restaurant. Night is in a hotel.

  • Days 17 Depatures

    We trasfer you to airport saying goodbye to and wishing you safe landing

What's included

  • Transportation Meal accomodation water Guide/intepretor Donkey and Donkey man porter
  • alcohol
  • GBAO permit
  • ovir registeration
  • flight

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