Jeep tour to Wakhan corridor Afghanistan

Duration: 14 Days Dushanbe Wakhan Corridor Dushanbe

  • Wakhan Corridor
  • Burden work
  • Holy place
  • View from Afghanistan to Pakistan

About Tour

First you will go by Panj river with Afganistan border and from there you will go the most beautiful village Jizev in Bartang valley. From There to Khorog and get visa in Khorog. Then you will go to Wakhan corridor Afghanistan follows the Pyanj River south from khorog along a narrow canyon to Ishkashim. Here the corridor rounds the bend and follows the Pyanj River through a wider valley towards Langar but you will cross the border to Afghanistan Iskhoshim. From Ishkashim you will go to end of Afghanistan Qalai Panja and Sarhad.Then come back to Ishkoshim anc cross the border to Tajikistan and enter Wakhan corridor in Tajikistan  on either side of the river is dotted with picturesque villages, nestled in fertile plots of intensively cultivated land and half-buried under fruit-laden orchards. Beyond these slivers of green, the towering valley walls give way to glimpses of the Hindu Kush , the mountains that mark the Afghanistan–Pakistan border. Apart from the beauty of the journey and the interest arising from travelling within view of Afghan communities across the river, there are several sites of interest along the way, including castle ruins, ancient shrines decorated with ibex horns and sets of petroglyphs.

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What's included

  • Transportation
  • Accommodation
  • Tour Guide
  • Food
  • Tajik visa
  • GBAO Permit

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